Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are taken to be agreed and accepted in full, in the event that a customer places an order or accepts a quotation from Printing Express


(a) Quotations are held for 30 days, as they are calculated on the basis of current costs. In the case that the date of execution exceeds the date of quotation by a period greater than 30 days, the quoted price is subject to amendment in order to cover any increased costs incurred by Printing Express.

(b) Extra work caused by customer amendments or variations of the customer’s original instructions after acceptance of the quote or placement of the order shall result in additional fees and charges. When quotations are provided based on customer agreed specifications or instructions, any changes shall incur additional charges. 

(c) Quoting for design/artwork/typesetting is charged only at an estimated fee price. Adjustments to quotes are made according to the time spent completing the piece.

(d) Acceptance of the written quotation or completion of the order constitutes acceptance that Printing Express has interpreted the instructions of the customer correctly.


The processing of an order is set in motion when either of the following two events take place:

A deposit payment is processed (if applicable).
Press-ready files are received and/or proofed.

Variations in colour reproduction are inherent in any physical print process. Whilst all reasonable efforts are made to reproduce to exact specifications, and every effort is made to create an exact replica where required, Printing Express cannot guarantee an exact match in colour or texture of any print supplied material to any customer supplied material.


Digital proofs are provided as a matter of course. At the customer’s request, Printing Express may submit physical proofs.  In the event that the customer submits the approved proof to Printing Express, Printing Express shall incur no liability for errors whether produced by us or presented to us in customer supplied artwork in either digital or physical form. 


The approval of a proof initiates the print/delivery schedule.


In the case that goods or services are required from a third party in order to fulfil a contract, the contract between Printing Express and their customer shall be subject to the conditions of the third party. The customer shall incur the full cost of third party goods or services where agreed by contract.


Where special materials are required in order to fulfil a customer’s order, including but not limited to dyes, engravings, or knives, a fee is chargeable to the customer, and the property remains in possession of Printing Express.


The customer shall make all claims with respect to the work conducted by Printing Express, or the related quantity or quality provided, in writing within 30 days of receipt. In the event that Printing Express fulfils an order and does not receive, in writing, a claim related to an order, the order is deemed to have been received, verified, and accepted as complying in full with the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Any advice provided to Printing Express in writing regarding the damage, delay, loss, partial loss, or non-delivery of goods in transit shall be made within three days of delivery. In the cases or non-delivery, within 30 days of dispatch of the goods.

Printing Express shall not be liable for any claim unless the requirements under this subsection are met in full, except in the case that the customer can evidence that (i) it was not possible to comply with the requirements under this section and (ii) advice was given (where required) and the claim was made as soon as reasonably possible.


All quotations and prices are provided in AUD, and all funds are taken in AUD. Unless otherwise specified, a deposit payment is required prior to the processing of an order, and the final payment of an order is required prior to the despatch or delivery of goods.

If credit terms are agreed, invoices not settled within those terms, including payments returned unpaid (such as cheques, credit cards, etc.) will be liable to pay interest on the overdue debt at 2% above the Reserve Bank base rate at the time of settlement. Additional fees relating to the administration of the debt recovery process, as well as any other costs relating to the debt, are to be borne by the customer.


Printing Express reserves the right to refuse any order at our own discretion, for any reason, including but not limited to the processing of inappropriate, distasteful or offensive subject matter.


Printing Express will contact the customer if they detect errors in customer-supplied files. This prompts the decision to be made by the customer in favour of one of the following two options:

1) Resubmit a corrected file, which shall be treated as a new order. Additional fees may apply.

2) Request that Printing Express correct the files if possible, and ask for an estimate for that work.


In the case that an order has begun processing but has not yet gone to press, a partial refund may be applicable. Partial refunds are subject to a $15 processing fee. If an order is on the press, no refunds shall be given. To cancel an order, make direct contact with Printing Express with the relevant details of your specific order.


Printing Express shall not be liable for any loss, including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss, or damages to the customer, which arise from third party claims or from delay of delivery.


The fulfilment of orders may be suspended or delayed in the event of circumstances that are beyond the control of Printing Express. These events include, but are not limited to, war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, lightning, explosion, earthquake, tempest, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, breakdown, acts of state or government prohibiting or impeding the performance of either party’s obligations, legislation, crime, civil disturbance, theft, trade dispute, force majeure. If Printing Express is unable to procure essential materials in order to fulfil an order due to any of the aforementioned causes, or any other cause or occurrence that is beyond the control of the printer, which prevents, slows or alters the contract or delivery of work, these events are deemed force majeure. The customer undertakes not to bring any claim for damages or loss against Printing Express if they arise from any circumstances mentioned in this subsection.


Printing Express reserves full ownership rights over all property and goods in its possession until payments for any order is made in full. Any properties held by the customer relating to the print order are deemed the property of Printing Express, despite possession by the customer, until payment is received in full. Ownership rights shall not annul or diminish in any degree the obligation of the customer to pay any remaining unpaid amounts, nor does it mitigate the right to recourse of Printing Express under law for full recovery of debts and the costs of collection thereof.


Printing Express may choose, or agree, to waive one or more of these terms and conditions in relation to a specific transaction, expressly, or by implication. In either of these circumstances, such agreement in no way constitutes a release of the customer from the other terms and conditions, or any obligations and conditions set out within the contract or terms and conditions. 


Printing Express outright owns the copyright of any artwork, commissioned artwork, content, illustrations, and anything else whatsoever that is prepared, developed, or created by Printing Express, unless negotiated and explicitly agreed to in writing. Printing Express may therefore use any such artwork for the purposes of promotion.

Wherever Printing Express is provided and instructed to reproduce any materials, the customer is responsible for obtaining all relevant and necessary authorities and consents required for the legal reproduction of images, pictures, artwork, photographs, text, copyright text, and/or any other relevant, reproducible materials, prior to placing an order with Printing Express. Any demands; claims; actions; losses; damages that arise from or are suffered or incurred due to any claim or the defence of any claim; or costs, including but not limited to legal costs, disbursements or administrative costs; which are provided in the aforementioned circumstances, are the liability of the customer. Printing Express and all agents and representatives shall be indemnified and held harmless in the case they infringe on (i) the intellectual property or (ii) any other rights of any third party or (iii) the misuse of any confidential information of any said third party in these situations.

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