Want to get more out of your business cards? Top 5 Business card etiquette tips.

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Want to get more out of your business card when first meeting with business associates and clients?

This blog shows how to effectively use your business card - Top 5 Business card etiquette tips.


Top 5 Business card etiquette tips

With the right card, you are off to a great start when networking. Here are some strategies that can make sure the handing off of your card doesn’t go to waste. After all, you don’t want to go through the trouble of making—or buying—the perfect design if they’re not going to get good use.


1. Be prepared: Always have enough business cards on you. Always. There is nothing worse than having to say 'Oh I am sorry, I didn't bring any with me'. Keep a few on you and you’ll be good to go.

2. Keep them in a case: As well as having a few cards handy in your wallet, always have a business card case with you. Handing your business cards out with damaged corners doesn't give a great first impression, keep them clean and crisp in a business card case.

3. Read the received card: Don't instantly put their card away. Taking the time to read the card you have received demonstrates value and interest in the person you are networking with. Make a comment on it. Compliment the logo or the design of the card, note the business name or part of the information. 

4. Be proactive: Why take someones card if you are not going to follow up? Connect on Linkedin, Twitter or other social media, send an email or phone call. Do something that will make the most out of your meeting, you never know when you might need their business or when they might need yours. It's also great for remembering names and to help put a face to a name. 

4. Hand them out with discretion: You may have a thousand cards, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all at one conference or meeting. Handing them out in multiples of 12 sends out a message that your cards aren't worth much. Take the time to find the right connections to trade cards with. After finding the right people a good rule is if you shook their hand after making a connection, hand off one of your cards.

Keep these business card basics in practice and you’ll come across as professional while potentially saving yourself a headache down the road.


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