How To Supply Your Design    


Bleed is one of the most important factors to consider when sending your artwork to print. The subject of 
bleed is often misunderstood though and it is one of the most common reasons we have to contact the 
customer to re-supply their artwork.

What is Bleed?
If part or all of a design is intended to meet the edge of the sheet it is printed onto then in printing terms 
the parts that meet the edges are said to ‘bleed off’. They should be extended by at least 3mm so that the 
excess can be guillotined off after printing. In addition, we recommend making sure that text and other vital 
information remains at least 4mm inside the edges.

As you can see, the designer makes the design larger than the page that will be printed. The designer also 
puts crop marks onto the work that show the actual intended size and act as cutting guides during the 
trimming process. 

Let us say that you wish us to print an A4 leaflet / poster with a background that covers the whole sheet. We would need to receive from you artwork that is actually bigger than A4 and with crop marks (1). 
We would then print it on a larger sheet and use the crop marks to trim it down to A4 size - therefore 
producing the desired finished result (2).



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