Print Design

Have your next print order professionally designed by one of our graphic designers at Printing Express, and benefit from expertly executed graphic design. We're here to help work with your company, not tell you what to do. We're more than happy to offer advice and our creative expertise if you would like it, but if you know what you want, we will design it for you.



Benefits of Professional Graphic Design

Graphic design is what connects a business to its audience. Professionally executed design Attracts attention to companies and their services, creates an interest in products, generates a desire for those products, evokes trust, and most importantly, it sells. Or, if the design is poorly executed, with little thought given to the intended audience; it will simply be ignored.

The quality of the design, the concept that is created, and even the execution of the artwork, will all have an influence on the perception of your brand, your products and your services. Utilising a professional graphic design company will ensure a positive perception that enhances your brand image.



Graphic Design Costs

Because every graphic design project requires a different amount of time, we provide quotes on a per project basis. Simply send us details of your graphic design project, and we will send you a quotation estimate via email.

We charge an hourly rate of $100 per hour including GST that and includes initial drafts and adjustments to get it just the way you want. Our graphic design service includes pretty much anything and everything in the print spectrum. 

Here is a rough guide on how long our standard design service normally takes:

Business Cards       30 Minutes

Flyers                      1 hour

Brochures                90 minutes

Logo Design            2 hours

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